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Hello, and Welcome

This website is intended to act as a home base for whatever I find interesting.

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Hotline webring:

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Retronauts webring:

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Here's a simple list of some of my favorite websites and other fun online things. It might become its own page later

My Machines

These are my machines, their specs, and their uses

The daily driver

This is what I use on a daily basis. It's a windows machine dual booted with Fedora 35. I use it for everything not work related, games, personal dev, media editing, and the like


Work Machine

A gorgeous piece of engineering. The Lenovo Thinkpad P1. It's where I do all of my day job development. It runs Fedora 35 andI typically keep it up to date with the most recent Fedora. It also has my most up-to-date development environs.


Home server 1

This runs a private Minecraft Server and that's about it. It's on Ubuntu Server 21.10 right now, but I'll probably update to 22.04 soon enough


Home server 2

This runs a public Minecraft Server and Plex. It's also on Ubuntu Server 21.10 right now, but will also probably update to 22.04 soon enough


Laptop 1

An old MSI rig I mostly use for retro gaming and as a torrenting client. It runs on a shitty old Mint release, but I'll likely change that in the future.